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Review for Bistro Europa wrote by Katherine
Rating: 11111
Pros: Not crowded.
Cons: Food just mediocre and over-priced, and I got sick from eating there.
Comments: Got food poisoning here. Looked nice enough and ordered a veal dish, and before we even got home I was vomiting and other nasty things one doesn't usually discuss with strangers. My husband had a seafood dish that was mediocre and didn't get sick, but we'll never eat ..
Review for Blue Ocean Japanese Restaurant wrote by chris
Rating: 11111
Pros: The food here is wonderful. The quality of the food is great. The Japanese food is very authentic.
Review for Columbus Grill wrote by Nuno
Rating: 11111
Review for Miguelito Chicken wrote by Anonymous
Rating: 11111
Pros: There really aren't any -- this place is a disaster.
Cons: Let's see -- dirty, filled with unseemly clientele, and the food is not good.
Review for Bob & Edith's Diner wrote by Clare
Rating: 11111
Pros: Good food for a decent price
Cons: So Small!
Review for Pizzarama wrote by michelle
Rating: 11111
Pros: Very fun, casual, interesting people.
Cons: Parking lot was crowded.
Comments: This place has gluten-free pizza AND gluten-free vodka!!! Crazy! Heard a band on Thursday and I'm going back for Karaoke next week. It's close to my house and I had ..

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